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Awareness Workshop on ‘Dyslexia at Work’ – October 12th, 2022

In honour of International Dyslexia Awareness month, ChangeInkk Foundation and FICCI co-hosted a webinar titled ‘Experience Sharing: Successful Models of Inclusion from Industry’ on October 12th, 2022. Panellists included Virat Bhatia, Chairman, Mobile Manufacturing and Communications Committee at FICCI and Managing Director, India at Apple and Neha Sathish, Lead for CSR & D&I at Thomson Reuters India. The discussion was moderated by Chandana Singh, Founder & Consultant, Advocacy for Dyslexia. The speakers discussed the ease with which individuals with SLDs can be integrated into the workforce, with basic support. They emphasised that conversations around inclusion in the organisation must be framed in a positive manner, with a focus on how best to integrate and support persons with SLDs in performing to their fullest potential. To learn more, watch the discussion at Awareness Workshop on Dyslexia@Work