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Dyslexia@Work – Timesgroup – 4th Oct, 2022

To celebrate International Dyslexia Awareness Month, ChangeInkk Foundation led an interactive educational webinar for employees of Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group) on 4th October, 2022. The session aimed at sensitizing and building capacity among key organisational stakeholders for fostering a cognitively diverse workforce. Starting with a primer on neurodiversity and specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs) like dyslexia, the presentation also showcased the journeys of accomplished members of the industry living with dyslexia. The audience were surprised to learn that #dyslexthinking powered several trailblazers of the international news media such as Anderson Cooper (CNN), Pulitzer Prize-winner Gareth Cook (New York Times) and Richard Engel (NBC), as well as noted authors Agatha Christie, John Irving, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Octavia Spencer – proof that dyslexic minds can excel at communication despite their challenges with language processing.