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Rethinking the Future Workforce – Innovation and Dyslexia – Nov 3, 2022 

Continuing its Dyslexia@Work webinar series, ChangeInkk partnered with NASSCOM Foundation for the webinar ‘Rethinking the Future Workforce – Innovation and Dyslexia’. Held on November 3rd, the webinar saw nearly 600 participants from leading organisations across the technology and business processes industries. The webinar began with an exposition of why dyslexic thinking is essential to a business’ growth and productivity strategy. This was followed by two illuminating panel discussions- the first, on the journeys of industry leaders who have successfully navigated the professional realm while being neurodiverse, and the second, on the transformative role that technology can play in helping neurodiverse individuals and teams thrive and do their best work. The webinar brought together speakers with a diversity of lived experiences and with expertise across the technology sphere. To learn more, watch the discussion https://youtu.be/50Fr1IYg18A