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Our Approach

We believe availability and access to support systems is critical for individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities to thrive and successfully contribute to India’s growth. We are working closely with our partners to need to build and strengthen inclusive and equitable, multi-stakeholder ecosystems. The 5 pillars of our approach are:

Globally, Specific Learning Disabilities impact 20% of the population.

This translates to roughly 150 million Indians, of which about 35 million are students. To create large scale impact, it is critical that the ecosystem of stakeholders across various sectors start collaborating to strengthened inclusion. It is only when inclusion has been mainstreamed, that will we achieve our mission.

Thus, at Changeinkk, we are committed to collaborating with diverse stakeholders including youth, parents, educators, employers, private sector, civil society, disability specialists, and government to ink sustainable change. Please do reach out to collaborate

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Meet our army of Dyslexia Warriors, our partners who enable ChangeInkk to achieve its mission.