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ACITE – Webinar for HoI’s on “Inclusion of SLDs in Higher Education”, 7th September 2022

Our speakers for the last session were Dev Aditya and Suhana Bhutani. Dev Aditya co-founded Otermans Institute with Dr Pauldy Otermans which upskills underserved learners in 10+ countries. He was awarded by the UK Prime Minister in 2021 for his educational work. Suhana is a young 19 year old aspiring to be a doctor. She’s in her first year of college in Lady Hardinge medical college New Delhi and is a graduate of Step-by-Step World School. She has been a Dyslexia speaker at several events and conclaves inspiring students to pursue their dreams, come what may. The session covered self-advocacy as an important aspect of managing SLDs especially for students along with the need to tailor and mainstream learning apps according to the needs of individuals with SLDs.