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ACITE – Webinar for HoI’s on “Inclusion of SLDs in Higher Education”, 31st August 2022

Our speakers for the session were Kunal Jhunjhunwala and Aparajita Singh. Kunal Jhunjhunwala is the Founder and M D of Airpay Payment Services, and also the co-founder of Changeinkk and Digital Haathi. Aparajita is a design graduate turned social impact professional with 8 years of experience in socio-economic development, designing and deploying sustainable processes and systems which make significant systemic contributions to society and enable future generations. The session covered the importance of intervention at an early stage – providing individualized support catering to one’s learning style helps maximize their potential. Awareness of all stakeholders was a key theme that emerged – accommodations and equity become possible when a collective understanding is in place.