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Inclusion in Higher Education: Leadership Summit 2022 (in collaboration with Ashoka) – 5 th Aug 2022

ChangeInkk partnered with Ashoka Univerisity for this Summit on Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education, raised awareness on all aspects increasing enrollment. It featured keynote address by Prof. Anil Sahasrabudhe and Dr. Pankaj Mittal. The panel discussions began with hearing from students with disabilities and their journeys, followed by a discussion with Dr. Sam Taraporewala and Prof. Gaurav Raheja on building disability support systems on university campuses. The third panel included Abhishek Singh, Gita Dang and Prof. Partha P. Das discussed the importance of technology and providing access through innovation and skilling. The session concluded with a talk by ChangeInkk’s co-founder and trustee Ms. Noopur Jhunjhunwala covering Specific Learning Disabilities, advocating for their inclusion, drawing from global best practices.