Purple Flame and the ears that can see

Teen author, UN Women Generation Equality Champion and dyslexic, Nitya, who once struggled with reading, spelling and writing, is now a real-life superhero, leveraging her dyslexic superpowers to drive change! As she learnt to cope with Dyslexia, Nitya is on a mission to spread awareness around the strengths of people with special learning disabilities and show others how important it is to include them in everything. Her Purple Flame Superhero series helps do just that!

Over 35 million children in India struggle with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs) like Dyslexia. Diagnosis for most children is either not initiated or delayed. As a result, they are judged for their struggles every step of the way, written off from the educational systems as being lazy and “stupid”.

Formal testing of reading, language, and writing skills is the only way to confirm a diagnosis of suspected Dyslexia. Early identification is key to success in education and in preserving self-esteem. 4 in 5 Dyslexics say that knowing they were Dyslexic helped them understand their strengths and difficulties, and develop perseverance.

Dyslexics are bright minds. Help them unleash their super powers!

Join Purple Flame and her friend Kiran (who is visually impaired) as they fight a monster! They need to solve three mysteries together to save their friend. Will they be able to do so? Read the book to find out about this amazing adventure. The imagination, creativity, and fun runs throughout the comic.

Take a step forward to help us achieve our immediate goal to screen 500 at-risk students in Munger District of Bihar.

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